Night Kitchen Coffee

Night Kitchen Coffee

Night Kitchen Coffee is a microbatch coffee roaster and spice blend manufacturer based on Maryland's Eastern Shore. They use the best small farm coffees, roasted fresh to the peak of aroma and flavor.


We proudly serve Night Kitchen Coffee at Out of the Fire.


Sold in 12 oz Bags

  • Tasting Notes


    • Ethiopia Ardi Natural  Ethiopia is considered to be the birthplace of coffee and certainly is the earliest area that it was purposely cultivated.  This coffee comes from Guji in the Anasora area.  This is a new coffee production area in Ethiopia and is some of the highest elevation coffee from the country.  Typical for Ethiopian coffees, this is grown by a group of growers and sorted and put into lots at Kerchanshe Washing Station.  The altitude and growing conditions results in a coffee that is fruit forward and floral but not the traditional “fruit bombs” that are more typical of other growing regions.  Cupping notes:  we find grape, dark chocolate, and apple with a floral aroma.  This will be a lighter bodied coffee with a clean and balanced flavor.


    • Bolivia Siete Estrellas Peaberry From the Caranavi region and grown by the Colonia Siete Estrellas (Seven Stars) cooperative, this is an accumulation of the peaberry coffee grown by all coop members.  Peaberry or caracol coffees are beans where only a single side of the fruit is pollinated.  It naturally makes up about 5% of any coffee lot.  Although there are a ton of myths about why peaberry coffees taste better, we feel that it really is a function of how well they are handled.  Cupping notes:  chocolate, brown sugar and vanilla flavor with a citric acidity.  This is a full flavored coffee that is well balanced and unique.  This is a coffee that we get when it is available but it varies from year to year on whether any of this makes it into the country.


    • Colombia Tio Conejo Natural Decaf  Tio Conejo is located in the Neira Caldas region of Colombia.  In addition to growing and exporting their own coffee, they are also coordinating with growers around the region to help them with improving their harvest as well as opening up the US specialty coffee markets and help with the local economy.  Made up of a field blend of coffees grown on the farm, this is a natural or sugarcane decaffeinated coffee.  Natural decaffeination is common in Colombia and takes advantage of their sugar production.  It also is a more gentle process than Swiss Water Processing and results in fewer defects and allows more of the natural flavors to come through.  Cupping note:  chocolate, caramel, and brown sugar with a citrus acidity.  This is an extremely balanced coffee that is clean and robust.
12 Ounces